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       Driving on the roads in the 21st century is more challenging than ever before. Drivers need now, more than ever to have the skills and knowledge to handle these challenges. Here at MSM our intention is to equip you with the skills required to drive a vehicle and the knowledge to deal with today's busy roads in Kings Lynn. It is the aim of the DSA(Driving Standards Agency) to ensure that new drivers have a far better understanding of why they should drive in a certain way rather than just being 'physically' capable of doing so.I fully believe that teaching a new driver in Kings Lynn requires far more of a coaching role and therefore learning to drive should be enjoyable and suited to the individuals needs in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We all want to be the best and safest drivers that we can and it is my intention to help you become a confident , safer and knowledgeable user of the road not just for your test but for ever-in other words-A SKILL FOR LIFE.

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